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Private Massage

Between days at the beach under the hot sun and exploring during your summer vacation, your body is getting into an upper level of motion. Εspecially after an exhausting journey and a mild winter of action. That's where massage therapy comes in to help increase the mobility of your joints but also feel more relax. Book for your preferred type and our professional partner will come to your place.

Hot Stones Massage

Duration: 60min

A specialized treatment for relaxation and at the same time relief of the muscles and the nervous system. Volcanic stones relax muscles and improve blood flow. The hot stones are placed in energy centers of the body, helping the muscles to relax much faster than a traditional massage.



Duration: 35min

Restores the perfect balance of our body. In our soles are over 7,000 nerve endings from every part of our body. Each specific pressure is reflected in the specific part of the body we want to relax. Thus, the nervous system is improved and consequently every other function of our body, with a completely natural method, without the use of drugs and without any possibility of side effects.


Anti Stress Massage

Duration: 60min

The relaxing massage acts on the points that relieve the tension from the body. It frees the tightness and pain. It is offered both for relief from musculoskeletal pain, as well as for relaxation and detoxification.


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